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Who are Pendragon & Jinn?

Pendragon & Jinn was born out of the love me and my fiancé have for one another. We wanted a name that represented us both, for my fiancé – Kate, it was Pendragon. After her favourite Dungeon & Dragons player character. A hyperactive pink-haired wizard who loves fire. For myself, Shaz – we went with my persona that I use as an author; Jinn. 

When we combined our names together after many iterations and going through the motions of exploring all the possibilities, the sound of Pendragon & Jinn combined felt right to us. It was something that was not specific to any one entity or industry. Our Brand name is something that will enable us to create a vast array of products and projects. It is our parent brand that allows us to cater to the gaming industry and produce our own content. 

What we do

Kate(she/her) is a Games designer, well known for her platinum seller on the DMSGuild; The Spellbinder. She has over a decade of dungeon mastering experience, running a variety of games from 3.5e Dungeons & Dragons, to Exalted and to the current 5e Dungeons & Dragons. Outside of running games, she works on her own webcomic Errant, as well as creating content for an edutainment company. 

Shaz(they/them) is a UX designer working for Tesco PLC. They create an accessible and seamless experience for a vast majority of users. Outside of their job, they enjoy playing tabletop games, working on their novel Bard Romance – a story born out of a D&D campaign that grew legs of its own. Aside from that, they enjoy creating content that is accessible and easy to digest; having struggled with cognitive overload from their dyslexia. 

Our goal

What Kate & I are striving towards is to create a self-sustaining business where we are able to provide affordable and accessible content to fellow gamers. Currently, we are starting small with D&D character sheets and journals but in the future, we would like to expand our range and begin to supply even more environmentally sustainable content. 

We are extremely humbled by everyone who has purchased something from us already and are looking forward to what 2022 will bring to us. Happy holidays everyone, stay safe.