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Journals for your games

What we make

We currently offer two types of journals for your Dungeon & Dragons games. These fantasy D&D journals contain bespoke character sheets, created to be accessible and usable. One is a sturdier journal – our 5e Luxury Adventurer’s journal, made to be as epic as your characters. The other is a more affordable notebook, our 5e Adventurer’s journal containing everything you’ll need in your campaign.

You can find Pendragon & Jinn’s bespoke character sheets in all of our products. But in the new year, we will be offering new journals without the character sheets. We created out 5e Dungeon & Dragons character sheets with the intent of accessibility and easy to digest content more efficiently and help with cognitive load. With one of us being dyslexic and the other autistic, we both struggled with using the existing sheets provided in the game. Each character sheet contains all the information that will make your life as a player easier. It also reduces the burden on the Dungeon master, so you can stop asking those repetitive questions – “What does this spell do?” 

We aim to make playing the game enjoyable for everyone involved, and if we can reduce the burden on the DM, we call that a win. 

In development

Pendragon & Jinn are not stopping at just character journals. We will be offering new and exciting products in the new year. We will be releasing a new journal – thicker and fuller but without the character sheets, for those who don’t want them; or already have one. 

The more exciting thing we’re working on is a journal for the Dungeon master to use. Something you can use to track your campaigns and organise your notes. What’s great about this product is it would be useable across multiple game systems.

We will start offering stickers soon; we will currently focus on selling LGBTQIA+ themed stickers and then look to expand our range. 

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